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Accident Law

Accidents happen. When someone causes an accident they should take responsibility for the injuries, wage loss, medical bills and pain they have caused to others. If you have been injured as a result of an auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite or other type of accident, The People’s Law Practice is here to assist you with your legal needs in a personal and professional manner.

People's Law Practice - Personal Injury

Insurance Law

We understand that when a policyholder submits a claim to their insurance company, they expect the company will act in good faith and honor the validity of the claim. Disputes often arise after an insurance company denies a seemingly valid claim, many times without a legitimate reason or explanation.Some insurance companies habitually deny claims—regardless of their legitimacy—and will only investigate a claim if the policyholder takes legal action.

People's Law Practice Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection Insurance "PIP" Law

When you get into an automotive accident, the last thing you want to worry about is your medical bills. Bills related to automotive accidents are subject to a special statute. Rather than have the patient or the medical provider navigate the PIP statute The People’s Law Practice does it for you at no charge. The People’s Law Practice is able to assist medical facilities and patients with any legal issue concerning Personal Injury Protection in a personal and professional manner.

People's Law Practice Insurance Trouble

Contract Law

Our clients with contract concerns include vendors, business stakeholders, third parties, landlords and business owners conducting business-to-business transactions or confronting contract disputes involving internal or external business partners. We offer comprehensive legal services in contract review, drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts. In the event of a contract dispute, our lawyers make every effort to avoid litigation by settling breach of contract conflicts through voluntary negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

How Does This All Work?

People's Law Practice Legal Process

Our Process

No matter what your legal issue, our initial consultations are always free. The fees and costs after your initial consultation are dependent upon the type of legal case that you have. For example, the firm handles Personal Injury Cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that no money is owed for attorney's fees and costs unless the firm recovers money on your behalf. For Insurance cases, The People's Law Practice recovers its attorney's fees and costs from the insurance company only if the firm prevails. Regardless of the outcome, Insurance clients never pay the firm's attorney’s fees and costs. The People's Law Practice charges an hourly rate for drafting contracts and litigating business matters. The People's Law Practice charges a flat rate for consulting work.

People's Law Practice Negotiation


Whatever type of case or claim that you may have, do not go at it alone. We here at The People's Law Practice take our experience in these matters and apply them to your needs. We are here to help make the entire process as painless and quick as possible.

People's Law Practice Litigation


Litigation begins once steps are taken to go to court or arbitration. This will involve a series of steps that may or may not lead to a court trial and ultimately a resolution of the matter. Once a decision is final in the court, litigation ends. The prevailing party is then given the authority to collect damages or receive other remedies pertaining to the case from the losing party.

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People go through a lot when they sustain an injury, both emotionally and physically, and the number of medical specialists our clients see is often overwhelming. Our clients also need help figuring out their property damage issues with their vehicles, they need help getting investigative reports and medical records. Give Us a Call Today at 844-775-5291